The development of Disaster Preparedness and Safety School model: A Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Evi Widowati, Wahyudi Istiono, Adi HeruHusodo.


Educational institutions are obligated to protect children from multi-hazard disaster risks. The development of reliable and valid measuring instruments for school safety is an important component for reducing the impact of disasters on children’s future at schools. This study aimed to examine the appropriateness of measuring instrument models, constructs and indicators of the Disaster Preparedness and Safety School (SSSB) program to be used in the assessment of the multi-hazard-based child safety education system in schools. This study used an explanatory research design with a cross-sectional approach. The sampling technique used was multistage cluster sampling with 539 elementary schools as samples. The data were analyzed by Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA) using Lisrel 8.80 software. The CFA results showed that the SSSB constructs are considered valid and reliable. The modified model fulfilled the Goodness of Fit criteria so that the model is considered fit and suitable to be applied at schools, with school commitment as the strongest forming factor (R2 of 82%) for creating a successful SSSB program.


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